Solar Technology Canada

Solar Technologies Canada (STC): ECLIPSE will be introducing STC (Solar Technologies Canada) for the first time in Qatar; with the brand bringing in a revolutionary product line in window tinting, namely the Skin and Eye care range. The skin protection range has a very high heat rejection and protects from UV rays upto 400 nanometers. In simpler terms, ultraviolet wavelengths range from 100 to 400 nm (Most film manufacturers specs test only up to 380nm instead of the full range). This means that the STC Skin & Eye care range offers maximum protection against UV rays.

The film also rejects blue light to protect your eyes and infra-red heat to keep the car interiors cool. This patented technology has 6 layers of protection within itself to make a one ply film that provides maximum coverage and safety.

In addition to the Skin and Eye care range, STC also offers their High Protection line through Eclipse in Qatar.

STC Multi Layer + Multi Sputter

Introducing World's First Multi Layer + Multi Sputter Film

To give you the best Heat & UV Protection

STC Reducing Cooling Costs

Installing STC Films at your home or office helps reduce your cooling costs

STC Blue Light Rejection

Did you know?
Blue Light could cause drowsiness while driving.

STC Skin & Eye Care Film

UV 400 & Blue Light Protection for Home & Car

STC has introduced a product with breakthrough in technology for the first time in the world, a Sun Control film with unique features.

STC Taking Care in the Sun

A tan or sunburn are signs of skin damage and can increase your risk of skin cancer.

Be UV and Heat aware to Protect your skin from the sun

STC Stand Out from The Crowd

STC Sun Control Film Gives you world’s best UV & HEAT Protection !!

Cuts out heat by blocking Infra-red rays but also blocks Harmful UV 400 rays. Solar Technologies Canada (STC) has been able to introduce a 1 ply film that has multiple layers of protection within itself.

Skin Care Window Film

A Revolutionary product in window tinting of the car that will protect your eyes and skin both from blue light and ultraviolet rays by 99.9 % and with infrared rejection from sunlight.

Both the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organization have identified UV as a proven human carcinogen (Cancer causing).